Yeast Infection Treatments

Yeast Infection Treatments

Candida or yeast infections are generally regarded as being primarily associated with females, but they are not discriminatory as men can also become sufferers. This is especially if their wives are afflicted with a yeast infection and which causes the infection being transmitted between the parties. The itching and burning sensations are renowned for their degree of distress which is created by a collection of more than twenty microscopic fungi or yeast.  This type of infection may develop around dentures, the lower abdomen, under skin folds and nail-beds. Beneath the breasts and vaginas of women are prime areas of infection, as they are ideal environments for the yeast infection to flourish. Reports show that yeast infections become more prevalent with age.

It is a natural course of events for women and men sufferers of yeast infections to seek cures from pharmacies. They will generally be in the form of creams, suppositories and other various types of remedies. The dilemma with this type of medication is that there is a tendency for it to be of temporary relief only, with the infection recurring, probably in a more severe form. However there are alternative forms of remedies which have been proven effective for women and in most instances, for men.

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Back to nature for the future

Many people are believers in natural cures and as the nature of diseases and infections become more formidable, the traditional cures of our parents, grandparents and beyond, are assuming a greater significance in our lives today. An example of this is shown by bacteria in ordinary and plain yogurt, which combats the yeast infection, internally and externally. It is critical that any user of this method ensures that the yoghurt is plain and unsweetened, as sugar will feed a yeast related infection. A method of application to infected areas is for the yoghurt to be directly smeared on it. However, various reports show that it is not beneficial to leave the yogurt on the area for a prolonged period of time. If it is not removed then there will be an adverse affect, primarily due to the accumulation of moisture.

One of the most effective remedies for treating a yeast infection is the renowned and somewhat mystical garlic. Whether applied directly to affected areas or taken internally, garlic provides a soothing relief. The preferred method of taking the garlic is to crush a clove and use water to drink it down. Some people may be reluctant because of the smell of garlic, but to obtain relief from the irritation of the yeast infection, it is worth it! Garlic is a natural ingredient with a variety of health benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol as well as being a pure antibiotic.

Another practical and most beneficial remedy for any form of illness is recognised as water. In many instances it has been found that regularly drinking quantities of water has a significant effect in reducing the possibility of a yeast infection. It is reputedly the effect of flushing out the bodys system, especially the sugar content, which promotes and feeds the yeast. It is essential that only drinking water from a filtration system which is free of toxins and pure is used, and in this respect, some research could prove advantageous

Beating the yeast fungi

Apple Cider vinegar has been used as a natural remedy for many and varied applications, internally and externally. However, in certain conditions it must be used with care as it is particularly strong in its composition and will give a high burning sensation if applied directly to the skin. Although application directly to a yeast infected area would eliminate the infection, it could cause severe discomfort. Therefore, it is advised that application directly onto the skin should be by adding it to water; for example, one cup full to bath water. This will provide temporary relief but not to the same degree as the garlic treatment. One important factor related to Apple Cider vinegar is to use only the natural least processed vinegar and never the plain white variety, as this causes feeding of the yeast.

Oil of Oregano has an inherent potency against yeast. Oregano is a herb that is recommended to be taken internally on a regular daily basis. It is essential that the oil selected contains a high carvacrol level due to this being the active ingredient in combating the yeast infection.

There are an uncountable number of micro-organisms contained within a healthy body mainly in the colon. The primary function of them is to produce a balance in respect of the less needed organisms like yeast.  The maintaining of these probiotics and prebiotics in the intestines is crucial, but only the best quality of these bacteria should be ingested. Therefore, it is recommended that a professional and qualified medical practitioner is consulted regarding the most suitable product.  Other products for are those that can be sprayed directly onto the skin and available from established medical suppliers. They can relieve irritation caused by the yeast infection and are effective in eliminating it.

Oral infection and weak immune system

An oral yeast infection could be indicative of a weak immune system and is a condition that should be treated seriously. It has the capacity of opening the tissue of the mouth, thereby making it more vulnerable to bacteria. Candida or yeast thrives on sugars and as a person suffering from diabetes will possess a higher sugar level in their blood, they are accordingly more vulnerable to this type of infection. Pregnant women should be aware of any mouth infection as the changes in their hormonal condition could create an oral yeast infection.

Natural yeast infection treatments include drinking cool liquids and rinsing the mouth with warm, salt water. It is critical that all forms of sugar are avoided and complex carbohydrates which will effectively, starve the yeast infection. A well recognised  yeast infection treatment for eliminating the yeast bacteria and fungi is Gentian violet, but this is a remedy that should only be considered for adults.

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